Evaluation of training effectiveness by PRO MOTIO can be in different forms depending on the training objective, form and schedule (training cycle or an individual workshop):
  1. After each training, our training participants evaluate our work and their satisfaction using post-training Customer or PRO MOTIO questionnaires.
  2. If the training objective is to improve skills, shape beliefs and attitudes of:
    • Employees – a possible method of evaluation is assessment by managers – the superiors of training participants (by means of an especially prepared questionnaire). The superiors assess changes observed by them in their subordinates’ behaviours. Employees themselves also assess their behaviours before and after training. Such assessment takes place approximately 3 months after training.
    • Managers – The basis is assessment of managers’ behaviours by their subordinates before and after training. Managers also carry out self-assessment of their skills.  We also use formalized assessment of the effectiveness of managers’ activities by their superiors.
  3. In case of training cycles for production foremen and leaders, the effectiveness of individual workshops is evaluated by participants' superiors - they conduct implementation meetings with foremen.
  4. Training for in-company trainers is evaluated on the basis of especially prepared satisfaction questionnaires to evaluate training delivered by them – the questionnaires are filled in by their training participants. We also use training supervision carried out by PRO MOTIO trainers. The Customer receives a report.
  5. An in-depth evaluation of a presentation is carried out by the audience that use questionnaires, and by the participants – self-assessment of presentations in a workplace after watching the recordings of own public speeches.
  6. We organise follow-up meetings with training participants after training organised for managers, trainers, employees of Internal and External Customer Service Departments; the purpose of the meetings is to evaluate to what extent new skills have been implemented in everyday practice and to solve possible problems.
  7.  Together with our Customers, we also evaluate financial results gained after implementing training results in everyday work. These can be e.g., material savings, drop in employee absenteeism and rotation, labour costs and costs of complaints.

PRO MOTIO Firma Szkoleniowa s.c.


Change and development - that is what we do. We take part in changes implementation in Our Clients' companies by means of:
  • training projects
  • facilitation
  • and coaching

Here are a few types of training courses that are most frequently contracted by our Customers. We provide many types of training for very diverse groups of participants. We invite professionals - with practical experience in given areas - to work with us during specialist training courses. We have a lot of experiences in delivering workshops for:

  • Management boards of organisations and managerial teams,
  • Production managers at industrial companies, foremen and process engineers,
  • Accountants and financial advisers at banks and other organisations,
  • Managers, heads and professionals at distribution companies,
  • Analysts, implementation specialists, designers, programmers, administrators at implementation companies and in-company IT Departments,
  • Heads and professionals from HR Development and Training Departments.

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