Customised Training Videos

In our opinion, a video is an excellent training tool:
  • The enormous majority of training participants have a well developed habit of learning from videos,
  • A Video is a safe training method for people who are not very fond of being camcorded when others observe them and their fear of making mistakes prevents them from gaining new experiences.
  •  A video is an excellent working method for trainers who have little experience in working with groups – it adds dynamics and “liveliness” to a training session and facilitates gathering of personal experiences by training participants in a situation under consideration (especially important if a video illustrates negative experiences),
  • A video enables better control over training time – if it must be short, it is a must,
  • If training is repeated many times by different trainers, a video enables “keeping training standard” by several trainers without detriment to training attractiveness,
  • We know by experience that individuals that act in videos identify themselves with the message of the video and become the role models of positive and effective behaviours in the future,
  • A trainer can have some rest when a video is shown…

Conditions met by a really good training video:

  • A screenplay reflects typical real-life situations in the company that orders training,
  • Situations on the set are played on the company premises,
  • Only employees and never professional actors or people from outside are involved,
  • Dialogues feature the language register typical for the company environment – a typical professional jargon, sense of humour, popular catchphrases,
  • A video is divided into scenes of several minutes or about fifteen minutes,
  • Not only role-model behaviours but also mistakes made are shown in a video,
  • Humour is welcome.

Side Effects:

Individuals playing roles in a video become recognizable and get promoted faster! This is the power of media!

Principles of Collaboration:

We prepare training videos for workshops delivered by Customer’s in-company trainers, as well as for training sessions, meetings and workshops delivered by PRO MOTIO trainers. If the Customer collaborates with an accredited video crew we work together with them. If not, we can suggest video-makers who are experienced in filming and editing training videos.

Collaboration Schedule:

  1. Define training objectives, duration and number of repetitions with the Customer,
  2. Describe the competences of the best actor candidates and where the plot is set,
  3. Gather situations from the Customer that can be shown in the video,
  4. A meeting between trainers and actors to present the purpose of making the video and finalize the screenplay,
  5. A meeting with video-makers,
  6. Video making – a 20-minute video is filmed in 90 – 180 minutes,
  7. Edition together with the video-makers,
  8. “Pre-release” of the initial version together with the Customer and possible corrections made together.

We have made videos supporting the following training topics:

• On the job training,
• Assertiveness supporting collaboration within the company,
• An assertive assistant,
• Recruitment interviews,
• Task delegation by a manager,
• Feedback developing motivation and competences of managers and professionals,
• Monitoring task completion,
• Sources of stress within a company,
• Task assessment and feedback provided by the boss,
• Personal Development Reviews (PDRs),
• Standard of internal customer service by HR and Finance staff,
• Standard of customer service in a show room.
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