On-the-Job Training

For Whom?

For individuals who train directly how to operate machines and equipment, and also how to perform manual operations during production.


Few foremen, team leaders and operators are born enthusiastic teachers. Sharing of good practices, own experiences and skills is often done unwillingly and perceived as a tough and unrewarding activity. In order to facilitate it, organizations prepare in-depth job instructions – nevertheless, a direct demonstration of machine operation and training performed by an experienced operator on how to operate the machine is an indispensable form of teaching.  It enables faster induction into new duties and avoidance of potential errors in operation, provides support, as well as makes people more sensitive to all aspects connected with occupational safety. For industrial enterprises that have set a multiple-machine operator system as their goal, good on the job training is pivotal for reaching the level at which the majority of staff are able to operate in several work stations efficiently and safely. Offered training prepares on-the-job-training providers for this task and enables them to acquire necessary skills and knowledge, and even to gain satisfaction over time…

Framework Training Programme:

  1. How do adults learn?
  2. Basic on-the-job-training structure
  3. Set of exercises improving on-the-job-training delivery skills
  4. Practical methods of checking understanding and remembering information delivered during on the job training
  5. Difficulties in effective delivery of on the job training and how to deal with them
  6. Principles of planning the on-the-job-training structure and time
  7. Planning on the job training to teach how to operate a specific machine


By taking part in the workshop its participants will:
  • Learn how to deliver effective on the job training,
  • Become familiar with the methods of consolidating training contents delivered,
  • Identify actions they might take when difficulties occur during teaching how to operate a machine,
  • Prepare an individual schedule for delivered on the job training.

Offered Types of Training:

Two-day workshops: for the groups of maximum 12 participants, delivered when one of training objectives is the preparation of detailed training schedules for operation of specific machines.
One-day workshops: delivered to the groups of maximum 12 participants, when the basic training objective is to improve the ability to deliver on the job training.
Individual consultation sessions: for individuals who prepare job instructions at production enterprises.

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