Non-partcipating Groups - Training for In-Company Trainers

In-company trainers are individuals who professionally influence employee motivation. They are observed and imitated. While training others, they use their own attitudes and involvement to build people’s attitudes towards new methods of working or new projects. Alas, it happens that their motivation is destroyed by repeated delivery of training to groups defined as tough: frustrated, non-participating or rebellious.

For Whom?

For in-company trainers, professionals and managers who deliver corporate training.


In-company trainers develop new skills of effective influencing; a workshop can enhance their effectiveness within an organization. Simultaneously, it will help the participants to restore their positive attitude towards training people and prevent the risk of professional burnout.

Framework Training Programme:

  1. The sources of group resistance – how to diagnose them by asking questions, listening and observation?
  2. Building training in a manner eliminating the occurrence of resistance and/or frustration within a training group
  3. Identification of beliefs damaging the effectiveness of training group work
  4. Practical methods of building training participants’ involvement and responsibility for implementation of training contents in everyday work
  5. Practicing the techniques of dealing with difficult situations and tough training participants
  6. A shield – trainer’s personal preparation for work with a tough frustrated group


By taking part in the workshop participating trainers will be able to:
  • Identify actions they can take to minimise possible occurrence of training participants’ resistance
  • Learn techniques that build a positive attitude among the participants of training delivered by them
  • Restore their positive attitude towards their role as trainers

Offered Types of Training:

Workshops: Two-day workshops for the groups of maximum 12 participants. The participants have an opportunity to work with a camcorder, each will receive own disk with the recordings of his/her performance as the trainer of a tough group.  Furthermore, the workshop includes individual and group exercises for practising the set of needed skills.
Consultation concerning training programmes:For individuals who need to reconstruct delivered training, we offer individual consultation to work out changes to a training programme that will facilitate work with a group.
Individual coaching: We offer individual work with a trainer and coaching to individuals who need special improvement of their trainer skills.

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