For Whom?

For individuals and teams that need creative ideas and solutions in everyday work, and especially for:
  • managers who everyday employ creative thinking about problems, challenges and tasks performed by their teams,
  • marketing, promotion and advertising departments,
  • trainers and training department staff,
  • sales people struggling with routine.


Training will be of help to all professionals, foremen and managers who resist routine and must apply non-standard solutions to problems, implement innovations to technological processes and information flow processes and respond to changing market needs. When a group works on real-life tasks coming from their work environment, then the training outcome will be working out solutions to existing problems, development of new products, methods of acting, advertising slogans, development plans, etc.

Framework Training Programme:

Each time the training programme is tailor-made to suit the needs of a group taking part in training. Training basic components are following:
  1. Structuring the work on a problem – a practical exercise
  2. Methods of effective problem analysis, seeking solutions and selection of the best idea to implement – application of corresponding techniques,
  3. Development of a selected idea implementation plan – how to build responsibility for the achievement of a selected idea,
  4. Managing the work of a group working on a problem,
  5. The most popular effective ways of supporting creativity within an organization and dealing with innovation blocks in employees.


  • Participants gain the skills of effective application of techniques and methods supporting creative thinking and acting,
  • Stimulation of creative potential in participants by stirring up their imagination, the ability to use remote associations and useful metaphors,
  • Improved skills of creating new ideas and solutions (new products, new processes, surprising presentations, etc.) by individuals and groups,
  • Integration of the team participating in training and increase of the internal motivation of individual participants for creative response to arising challenges,

Offered Types of Training:

Workshops: An intensive interactive two-day workshop for a small group – 6-12 participants.
Creative problem solving sessions: A workshop can be delivered by working on real-life tasks or problems proposed by workshop participants. Workshop duration depends on a group composition and the type of a solved problem under consideration.
Creativity sessions: if a participating group needs to develop new products, new advertising ideas, new non-standard ways of reaching customers, we offer a session that lasts “ to 2 days, as needed.

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