Training for Productions Foremen, Operators and Team Leaders

Masters’ Academy – A Unique Programme Integrating Professional Development of Foremen, Team Leaders and Managers

For Whom?

For those who directly manage production workers; foremen and team leaders employed by various industrial enterprises and service companies and working together with Managers. 


Production companies need creative foremen and leaders able to work well with others during continuous organizational and technological changes. Expertise in production economics and control of production indicators is a prerequisite for their independence.  The ability to motivate people and to flexibly organize collaboration between people is also of fundamental importance for them.
 We are experienced in developing respective attitudes and competences needed by industrial enterprises.
Managers from industrial companies are the best sources of expertise in production, production economics and production indicators. Therefore we engage them to share their knowledge with foremen and team leaders. While Pro Motio trainers focus on the development of soft skills.
Training contents can be implemented effectively only through intensive collaboration with the superiors of foremen and team leaders.  Involving them in Academy activities noticeably improves collaboration among all those involved in production management and facilitates initial testing of newly acquired knowledge by Academy participants in real life.

Framework Training Programme:

Each time training modules comprise an intensive workshop conducted by Pro Motio trainers working together with Professors – managers selected by the Customer that orders training. In the period between subsequent training blocks, Academy participants do special homework subject to verification by internal Coaches prepared to and assigned this role.

Each of three Academy modules includes:

I. A soft skills training block that takes ¾ of training time – including the topics in the following order:
  1. task assignment and task performance supervision
  2. conducting meetings and staff meetings
  3. motivating employees on a day-to-day basis
  4. conducting disciplining interviews
  5. resolution of conflicts that can occur in the workplace
  6. building collaboration within an organization.
II. A training block that covers ¼ of training time and relates to economics, innovation, production process planning and organization, delivered by managers – Professors (tailor-made training to suit an individual Customer order and developed by working closely together with the superiors of Academy participants).

Possible Benefits:

Masters’ Academy is an effective way to improve management skills throughout an organization, because its effect is not only the improvement of participants’ expertise in management and production process organization, but also:
  • Better communication and confidence between the management and foremen / leaders / team leaders;
  • For all Academy participants, increased sense of having influence on and responsibility for the result, people’s motivation and collaboration quality;
  • Good collaboration among foremen and leaders from various areas of the same enterprise (e.g., maintenance vs. production);
  • Considerable increase of company gains on innovation relating to production organization and technical solutions;
  • Training managers to act as coaches for their subordinates and those who impart their expertise on a day-to-day basis.

Offered Types of Training:

The complete Masters’ Academy cycle comprises:

  1. Consultation workshop for the superiors of future Academy participants – to determine and discuss the final training programme and homework for the participants to be implemented during Masters’ Academy.
  2. Training for managers to act as Professors and Coaches during Masters’ Academy – preparation of a detailed training agenda concerning production economics and production organization. During this training session, the future Academy Professors will also be taught the basics of training and workshop delivery. Managers – Coaches will prepare to provide professional support for Academy participants.
  3. Training modules in the form of two-day workshops.
  4. Academy effects summary meeting also intended for planning further stages of the implementation of training contents delivered during Masters’ Academy.
The complete cycle of Academy sessions lasts a few months – depending on the number of participants and the scope of developed skills.
We can tailor the Academy programme and accommodate the rhythm of the work to suit specific Customer needs.

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