Dealing with Stress

For Whom?

For all employees exposed to high stress in their work environment.


Prolonged stress of employees and managers is very costly for organizations. The link between the high level of employee stress and high personnel rotation, long sick leaves, accidents in workplace, low performance and quality problems has been established. It is worthwhile reducing stress impact on employees. Workshop participants will be able to identify their levels of stress and diagnose its causes present in their workplace, as well as prevent their own and others’ excessive stress in various ways.

Framework Training Programme:

The workshop programme focuses on stress present in the work environment of workshop participants. The methods of dealing with the most frequent stressors as mentioned below will be discussed in depth: time pressure, excessive number of tasks, strained relations with customers and/or co-workers, adaptation problems connected with work in a multi-cultural environment, problems connected with the need to adapt to frequent changes of different nature, manipulation and the uncertainty of the future. Each time the workshop programme is tailor-made to suit the needs of a group taking part in training. Training basic components are following:
  1. Identification of the main sources of stress in the work environment,
  2. Dealing with time pressure as the most frequent source of stress,
  3. Negative feedback as the source of stress – how to survive it and take advantage of it,
  4. Interpersonal dimension of stress – how to deal with difficult people,
  5. Cultural dimension of stress – how to manage in a multi-national environment,
  6. The set of exercises improving the ability to reduce stress fast that can be employed in the work environment.


During the workshop, participants will:
  • become familiar with the effective ways of coping with stress present in the work environment,
  • decide in what situations they become the source of stress for themselves and others,
  • practice with the set of simple techniques facilitating stress reduction,
  • choose the methods of stress prevention that suit them most,
  • prepare individual detailed plans of changes intended to reduce the level of stress they are exposed to without losing their effectiveness.

Offered Types of Training:

Workshops: Two- or three-day workshops for the groups of maximum 12 participants. During the workshop, its participants will learn the simple forms of relaxation to employ in their workplaces.
Individual coaching: We offer individual work with a trainer and coaching for individuals especially exposed to stress in their work environment and/or suffering from professional burnout.

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